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Visual Stress

Also known as Mears-Irlen Syndrome. Patients with this condition, experience reading difficulty, light sensitivity and headaches as a reaction to distorting visual patterns. Visual stress can make print appear distorted which may cause fatigue when reading. The symptoms can occur in patients who do not have a spectacle prescription.

Low Vision

When a person's vision is limited due to accident, age or disease, spectacles alone may not be sufficient to provide the clearest vision. A Low Vision Assessment will aim to maximise the vision by using Optical, specialist magnifiers and Non-optical methods.

Specific Learning Difficulties (SLD)

Many children and adults suffer from SLD. They can have difficulties using their eyes together as a pair. This can lead to eye strain, reduced reading speed and visual concentration. 

We are able to conduct an array of specialist tests to investigate ocular function in more detail. If a disorder is found we may advise eye exercises, spectacles, coloured overlays or combination approach to help.

As well as our regular eye examinations and further diagnostic tests, we have optometrists with specialist skills in areas such as screening for learning difficulties, low vision and visual stress.