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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have my eyes examined? 




Under 16  

All Patients 

1 year 


 All Patients

2 years

70 & over

All Patients 

1 year

Any Age


 1 year 

Any Age


1 year 

Any Age

Ocular Hypertensive

1 year 

Under 7 

Binocular Vision Anomaly/Prescription 

6 months

7 - 16

Binocular Vision Anomaly or Rapid Myopia

6 months 

40 & over  

Glaucoma Family History 

 1 year 

Note: this is only a guide and increased frequency of examinations may be necessary.  If you notice any sudden change in your vision or have any concerns it is always advised to have an eye examination straight away

How old do you have to be for contact lenses?

There is no specific age limit for contact lenses and we are happy to fit anyone as long as we think they are mature enough to take responsibility for their own lenses.

Can you be "too old" for contact lenses?

There is no upper age limit for contact lenses, in fact there has been so many developments in lens technology, that even if you didn't get on with them in the past, you may now find them more comfortable than ever.

I wear varifocal spectacles, can I still get contact lenses?

Yes! There is now a wide range of multifocal contact lenses and we are confident that we can find the right solution to your needs. So you can go to the theatre and not need reading glasses to see the menu in the restaurant afterwards!

I wear yearly gas permeable lenses, can I still get daily disposable contact lenses?

Just because you wear yearly lenses does not mean that you definitely can't wear daily lenses ( for instance, when you go on holiday) speak to our optometrists about other options that are now available to you.

Do you do sports glasses and goggles?

Yes, we have access to a wide range of glasses that will help you with your chosen sport, be it, swimming, skiing, golf, squash, shooting, fishing or flying. We can find the right solution for you.  Our expert team of Dispensing Opticians, headed by Louise Rees, are always at hand to advise.

Do you do ski goggles?

Yes, we have access to a wide range of ski goggles and keep many in stock. They are highly recommended as they not only protect your eyesight but give you clearer vision in all weather conditions, so enhancing your skiing experience.

Ski goggles can be worn on their own, or with a prescription insert. This means that if your prescription changes, you only need to change the insert and not the goggles.

We have a wide range of colours, styles and sizes and even have a WiFi enabled pair with a 12 megapixel camera, this records all your thrills (and spills!) and you can then transfer your photos and videos directly to your phone. Allows you to have instant access to all you shoot and for you to share with friends on social media.

Can I get a same day appointment?

While we always recommend that you book ahead, it is always worth calling Stella, Anne or Janet to see if we have any free appointments on the day.

How quickly will my new glasses be ready for me?

As we have our own on-site glazing lab, we order your lenses and then Paul our technician cuts and fits them to your frames  here, so negating the need to send them away. Many single vision glasses will be ready the next day, with bespoke varifocals taking slightly longer.