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Prescription Eyewear

We have an extensive selection of competitively priced modern spectacles and sunglasses including designer names and specialist titanium frames. 

We are able to provide prescription sunglasses for curved or wrap-around frames, swimming goggles, skiing goggles and scuba diving masks.

Stockists and suppliers of: 

  • Competitively priced spectacles for both private and NHS patients 
  • Good selection of children's frames 
  • Varilux Lens Specialist 
  • Acuvue Contact Lens Centre of Excellence 
  • Designer Frame Stock - Rayban, Jimmy Choo, Lindberg, Paul & Joe, Dutz

Night Vision

Many people find night vision a problem, even if they only have a very small prescription, we can provide coatings that allow your eyes to cope better with the unpleasant reflections and light halo’s you may experience

Sports and Pastimes

The practice can provide practical solutions for most sporting pursuits and pastimes; from golf to skiing , flying to diving, motor racing and cycling. Tell us what you need from your eyewear and we will strive to find you a solution.

Sun Protection

It is crucial to have proper eye protection, especially during the summer months when the sun’s rays are noticeably strong. Still, year round protection is crucial, even on bright winter days. 

Exposure to UV rays can lead to several different eye problems, including macular degeneration, cataracts, pterygium, corneal sunburn, and skin cancer of the eyelids. 

As our ‘Top of the Range’ we offer the fantastic Maui Jim Sunglasses, they give wonderfully comfortable vision in all types of sun, with hydrophobic, antireflection, and scratch resistant coatings. 

We also have our own range of affordable, practical and stylish polarised sunglasses. All available in non prescription, single visio
n or multi focal.

Bespoke Designs

The Practice is very proud of its connection with the exclusive Lindberg range of bespoke frames from Denmark. 

We can quite literally design your spectacles in the exact shape, colour and material you require. 

They are also among the lightest spectacles available , even on the most sensitive of faces.


We have a wonderful selection of frames sourced from all over the world and to suit all budgets. We take particular care in ensuring that the range of frames we offer allows for individuality of style, from high fashion to functional and practical options. 

We are able to offer: 

  • Single Vision 
  •  Smart Single Vision
  • Anti Fatique 
  • Varifocals
  • Task Specific